The WOW factor

Some simple, no nonsense tips to help you win the sale.

Ready, steady, GO! Are you really ready to go on the market? Have you really taken care of all those DIY jobs that you started and never got around to finishing? Your home will attract maximum attention from potential buyers as soon as it hits the market. Don’t waste valuable viewings by not having your home in tip top condition.

Park up. Pull up outside your property. What are your first impressions? Would it tempt you? Now look again! Be critical (you can be assured any potential buyer will be!) A well looked after garden implies the property is cared for. Plant colourful flowers or shrubs in tubs and large pots, it’ll look great and you can take them with you!

Hotel inspector. Take a tip from the professionals. Is your home as clean as a top hotel? Would you pay to stay? If not then get your mop out! A clean and fresh-smelling house shows that you have cared for your home.

Stop it and tidy up. Clear the decks of any unnecessary clutter. Try to take a little of your personality out of your home, it’ll help others visualise living there.

Changing rooms. Make sure each room has a clear purpose. Is that junk room a potential and valuable extra bedroom? Kitchen space= pounds notes. Tastes have changed and larger kitchens are in demand. Make the most of yours by clearing the work tops and let the buyers see how much space you really have.

Light it up. Add warmth to a room by turning a lamp on. A lamp will add depth and often extra ‘warmth’ to a room. Beg, borrow or steal them. And remember, only vampires like dark houses.

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On-trend. Take a look at interior design magazines to get inspiration for style. Note the way the rooms are set out. These people are professionals at staging a home. It may not be completely to your taste but with a bit of luck you won’t be living there!

Critical friend. Ask friends for a no-holds-barred opinion on your home. Then fall out with them! If all else fails, talk to an estate agent. Edge Goodrich would be delighted to be your critical friend and we will help you make the most of your home’s potential.

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