Space invaders

The effects of a good de-clutter can pay real dividends when selling your home. No matter how attached you are to certain items of furniture, Imelda-esque shoe collections, piles of magazines and hoards of family photos think about what they say about the space you live in or more importantly the lack of space you live in!

If you really want to sell, and you probably do, after all that’s why you are on the market isn’t it, then look at how you are presenting your home. Buyers often move because they want more space and if they are viewing your home then they obviously think it can offer them just that. So play the game and play to their needs. Give the illusion of more space by removing select pieces from rooms.

You may not be this bad but think about creating space

There are numerous temporary storage solutions available.  Be brutal with yourself, can you survive without your 60 pairs of shoes or burgeoning record collection for a short time?  Realistically, you’re going to have to pack it up at some point to move so you may as well get ahead of yourself.

You can lose a sale if buyers think your house is too small so make the most of what you have got and show it to it’s true potential. We’ve been offering this sort of advice to sellers for years and when followed, can result in a much quicker sale.

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