Picture perfect

A picture saves a thousand words.

The power of a perfect picture is a wonderful thing. It can portray the essence of your home, showing any potential purchaser just how lovely it would be to live in your home far more effectively than any amount of words can describe.

But ask yourself this, is your home being represented in the best possible way? Have a critical look at the way it is being marketed. If you aren’t yet on the market then plan ahead, a thorough de-clutter will pay dividends when the photographs are ‘developed’!

With professional photography services available for relatively low investments there really is no better way to kick start the sale of your home.

Aerial shot of Meadow Gate

Aerial photography is becoming increasingly popular and can really show off your home in it’s surroundings. At Edge Goodrich we have found the demand for professional photography on the increase as vendors work harder to make their home stand out from the crowd. Often buyers start their search on the internet and it’s important to grab their attention quickly.

Don’t let them get away! Hook them and reel them in with pictures that really catch their eye and call them to action. They can’t afford to miss out, they really MUST view your home!

Edge Goodrich are experts in preparing homes for sale, if you need professional advice then we are always happy to offer a helping hand.

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