Letting a property

As with any professional service – you should feel that we are providing something that is additional – whether this is just excellent levels of efficiency to make your life easier, or new ideas to help you to let your property. If tenants are happy, you as the landlord have a much easier life. The property probably started out either as your home or as an investment and if it becomes a hassle you are likely to look to sell it, even if this is not the right long term financial decision. It should not be a hassle and this is again down to accurate matching of needs.

Relationships are vitally important and our role is to maintain good relationships between the landlord and the tenant. Alongside this our knowledge of the locality and the rental market will enable you to maximise the return on your investment. Ideally you are looking for the best commercial result, which includes at the same time a happy tenant.
As members of the Association of Residential Letting Agents, we are also very well aware of current and future legislation relating to letting and management of residential property. This is important when entering into this market to ensure that you do not fall short of any legal requirements that may cause issues later with a difficult tenant.

We can provide you with all or just part of the service – you can select what suits you. If you just need help in finding a tenant we can market the property, source reliable references and also provide detailed reports on the state of the property before the tenant moves in. If you would then like us to manage the property for you we can complete the service or we can hand this task back to you. You may change your mind as you start to work with us and decide that you wish us to be more involved. We are extremely flexible in our approach so you can decide as we go along. The important element is that you have the service that you need and not one that you have been sold.

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