Fight of the century; Buyers vs Sellers

It’s a tough old game! Feedback from estate agents nationwide is that there is still a stand off between buyers and sellers with sellers more than reluctant to cut prices and buyers unwilling to pay the asking price.

Home sellers must either have a desirable property to sell in an in-demand area or be willing to lower their expectations if they want to get a sold sign up outside their house.

With buyers seriously limited, properties that don’t tick all the right boxes are sitting on the shelves unless sellers are willing to cut the price, and with low rates keeping forced sellers to a minimum many properties are just sitting unsold.

So what to do if you are selling?

Be realistic with pricing. Look around to see the sales history in your area (sales history is critical, there is no point comparing your property to those that didn’t sell). Remember that the price a property is being marketed at is not necessarily the price it sold for.

Make sure your home ticks as many boxes as possible. Is it presented as well as it can be? Remember, potential buyers consider themselves to be in a strong position and with a considerable amount of choice you simply must make your home stand out.

Talk to a good estate agent and listen to their opinion. It may not be exactly what you want to hear but they will be acting in your best interest. Put this into context, an agent acting on a percentage fee will be striving to achieve you the highest possible sale price.

So remember, if you are selling, it may be tough, but a good estate agent will be worth their weight in gold.

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