Buying a property

This is something some people only do once and others go through many times. Each time it should be a positive experience as you find the place to call home. We go into the process with you with this very much in our minds. We feel that it is all about matching, whether you are a buyer or a seller of property, the end result needs to be the same. If we can make an exact or very close match we have success!

We listen to what you are looking for – size, location, need for a garden, peaceful rural village or leafy street on the edge of town, close to a specific school or place of work, an ideal period, style, state of the property – do you mind a little renovation or do you want to move in tomorrow? If we do not listen to these questions, we will simply not find you what you are looking for.

We would like to think that we will always have a property to match your requirements but we may not. If this does happen we can keep in touch or through links with other quality agents we may be able to find a match for you. It is always worth coming to discuss your ideal property with us, even if you cannot find an exact match online at the moment.

You can see what we are up to on twitter and facebook – we are able to make you immediately aware of any properties we feel match what you are in search of. Ideally we want to do the searching for you – this will make your life easier and ultimately make the whole process of buying a property more straightforward. If you have direct questions about schools, places to eat, access to public parks etc… social media will help you to find a direct response fast. This is why we use it to help you to buy a home.

We hope that we can add a little more to the buying process in Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire as we have lived here all of our lives. This means that we have a good knowledge of the area, both as a business and with our families.

A beautiful timbered cottage with accompanying gardens and paddocks
extending to 10 acres. Be sure to look at the 3…