10 simple rules for choosing an Estate Agent

  1. Professional Memberships
    The first thing to do when searching for a quality estate agent is to check that they belong to a professional body like the NAEA. This is because all members have to complete a accredited qualification on estate agency and are bound by strict rules that offer you a fairness, integrity and high standards. Selecting an agent who is a member will ensure your peace of mind as they offer expertise and a solid understanding of the market and offer you a fair complaints procedure.
  2. Friends and family
    A great help when selecting an agent is reputation. If family, friends, neighbours or people you know have had a good experience with a particular agent then this can really be a great help in making a decision.
  3. Popularity check
    Look out for the number of ‘for sale’ signs and in particular ‘sold’ signs around your local area. This will tell you which agents are most popular, and therefore can generate more leads for you.
  4. Advertising
    Advertisements for properties in the local newspapers will also tell you which agents stand out from the rest and also tell you which areas the agents cover.
  5. Local knowledge
    The local press will help to inform you how the local market is performing. This empowers you when talking to agents, buyers and interested parties.
  6. Speed and response
    Look for an estate agency who respond to you quickly (by email and telephone) and also advertise details of your property on their website within 24 hours. Ask them for their history in the area, including their returning clients. This will help prove the quality of their service.
  7. Properties wanted
    A great estate agent will bring a list of potential buyers with them. They will also have a plan in place in case they cannot find a buyer for you.
  8. The details
    When you find a good agent, agree the top five selling points of your property. Also ask them what kind of contract you sign.
  9. Value. Ask to see actual sale prices for recent sales and comparisons of valuations in your area
  10. Personality
    Finally, make sure you get on well with your chosen agent – this will be invaluable during the whole process!
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